David Baddiel reveals what he made from Three Lions streams during England v Colombia

25 October 2020, 07:00

The comedian told Chris Moyles the humble amount the song made from streams during England's World Cup bid.

David Baddiel spoke to The Chris Moyles Show this week and talked about everything from his new children's book Future Friend to his famous football song with Frank Skinner and The Lightning Seeds: Three Lions!

The iconic England track might be played whenever the national team do welll, but Baddiel insists it's not going to be paying his pension anytime soon.

Asked how many records the song has sold to date, the writer, comedian and TV presenter mused: "In 2018 or whatever, it was downloaded millions and millions of times. Although one thing I would say about that is occasionally whenever England do well and the song suddenly rises up and people love it, I always get a slightly cynical strand of men who start going on about royalties.

"And I want to say to them: 'Do you know how much you get from Spotify?' Because I believe someone worked it out. I saw a newspaper article which said that it had been downloaded at England [vs] Columbia something like 16 million times, which works out between me, Frank [Skinner] and [Lightning Seeds frontman] Ian Brodie at something like 900 quid between us!"

He added jokingly of the 1996 track: "So I can't retire on that I'll be honest with you!"

David Baddiel's Future Friend is out now.

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David Baddiel reveals how much he made from Three Lions streams last year
David Baddiel reveals how much he made from Three Lions streams last year. Picture: Radio X

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