Bono: U2 Tour Is Like Doing A Marvel Movie

5 May 2018, 08:00

U2 in 2017
U2 in 2017. Picture: Hubert Boesl/DPA/PA Images

The Irish rocker has talked about having to "method act" throughout the band's eXPERIENCE+iNNOCENCE Tour.

Bono has compared U2's 'eXPERIENCE+iNNOCENCE Tour' to pulling off a Marvel movie every night.

The Get Out Of Your Own Way singer has described having to "method act" each song as if he were starring in one of the franchise’s superhero films, whilst admitting the show is like a “big technical monster”. 

Speaking to The Irish Sun newspaper, he said: “It’s sort of like doing a big Marvel movie, except you’re taking this to a different city every few days so it’s a bit mad — and worse than that, for me, it’s like a Marvel film where you’ve got to method act, so that’s not right."

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The One singer added: “Something like that you have to get right inside the songs in order to sing them.

“It’s a big technical monster but it has to have a big bloody heart inside of it, in the machine, and that’s what we do. So it is an unusual way.”

On rehearsals, he added: “It was going really sh**e in the dress rehearsal. I think we put some things in place that will make it a little less indulgent.”

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