Blink 182 on Summer 2020 European tour dates: "We're working it out right now"

31 October 2019, 02:30 | Updated: 31 October 2019, 02:31

Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba told Radio X about their plans to tour the continent next year.

Blink 182 have revealed they are plotting European dates for next summer.

Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba visited Radio X and answered some of the most Googled questions about the band - which also features drummer Travis Barker - talking about everything from misheard song lyrics, to their new NINE album and their touring plans.

Watch them in our video above.

Asked if Blink 182 are going on tour, Mark Hoppus replied: "Yes we are. We're going to be in Europe I think next summer. We're working it out right now."

The All The Small Things rocker added: "We've just finished a gigantic tour of North America. We were gone all summer. We're exhausted people now."

Even more exciting is the possibility that Blink will bring their Enema of the State 20th anniversary tour to the UK, with Hoppus telling Rock Sound back in June: "That’s our plan. I think. I would love to come over here and bring that tour."

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Blink 182's Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba
Blink 182's Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba. Picture: Radio X

Let's just hope when Mark Hoppus comes back to Blighty his fans actually recognise him.

Speaking to Radio X's Polly James last week, the punk rocker revealed how he was given the cold shoulder by two fans in Blink t-shirts in London.

"The last time that Blink was on tour here, we played two nights at the O2," he recalled. "And so we played the first night and the morning of the second show we went to the V&A museum because my wife wanted to see an exhibit going on there."

The Dammit singer added: "We walked into the museum and there was a guy wearing a shirt from the night before. He was wearing a Blink 182 shirt that we had just sold the night before and he's kinda sitting on a bench, and I walk up to him and say 'hey that's a cool shirt' and he kind of looks down and goes, 'oh, yeah, Blink 182."

He continued: "His mum goes 'he was at the show last night,' and I go 'yeah me too' and they go, 'oh, ok".

If that wasn't unfortunate enough, Hoppus went on to tell the story of how walked past a female fan on his way out of the famous museum while wearing a Blink shirt who didn't respond to him either!"

See their full interview with Polly here:

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