Avril Lavigne and Tony Hawk reimagine Sk8er Boi on TikTok debut for Go Skateboarding Day

22 June 2021, 10:39 | Updated: 22 June 2021, 11:20

Tony Hawk and Avril Lavigne
Tony Hawk and Avril Lavigne. Picture: TikTok/Avril Lavigne

By Jenny Mensah

The Canadian star and the pro-skating legend joined forces on the social media platform to mark Go Skateboarding Day and her Tiktok debut.

Avril Lavigne and Tony Hawk just made some noughties punk-pop and skate fans very happy.

The Canadian star's 2002 Sk8er Boi single (yes, it was really stylised like that) is commonly used as a soundtrack across TikTok, but Lavigne thought she'd make her own version for her debut on the platform to blow them all out of the water.

After lip syncing the lyrics to her famous track, the 36-year-old is then replaced by Tony Hawk, who we can all agree is a bit more than "just a skater boy".

Watch them in action here:

The pair joined forces to celebrate International Go Skateboarding Day on 21 June, which is a worldwide celebration of the sport.

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The song, which comes from Avril's debut album, Let Go, is littered throughout TikTok, with fans doing everything from showing off their skating abilities to questioning the lyrics of the song itself.

Jack Martin in particular is not happy with the last verse in which five years later, the girl realises the skater boy isn't just a rock star on MTV, but he's playing a gig that all her friends are going to, yet have somehow managed not to mention it.

He does sort of have a point...

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When Avril Lavigne isn't reprising one of her most famous songs for an global celebration of skating, she's also collaborating with new artists and refreshing her works too.

Earlier this year she featured on MOD SUN's Flames track and she also performed I'm With You with Yungblud.

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