Music Fans "Stop Listening To New Bands At 33"

1 May 2015, 12:55 | Updated: 1 May 2015, 14:54

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New research shows that people will stop listening to new music when they hit 33, with people getting "locked in" to their tastes by then.

Research has been published which suggests that people stop listening to new music in their early 30s, with most people's music taste "locked in" by the time they hit 33.

The data used to formulate the results came from US users of Spotify and suggests that teenagers listen almost exclusively to popular music that they heard on the radio.

According to Ajay Kalia of Skynet And Ebert, people in their 20s start to branch out into more individual tastes, before this process of discovery slows in their early 30s. Women listen to new music for a lot longer than men do, according to the statistics.

As well as finding less new bands, mid-30s is also when nostalgia kicks in for most music fans. They return to their old favourites and re-listen to the music that surrounded them as they were growing up.

Bad news for any new mums and dads too: becoming a parent means you will give up on listening to new music a bit sooner.