These Are The Most "Metal" Words In The World...

4 August 2016, 09:43

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A data science blogger has compiled a list of the most used words in metal rock.

A blogger has compiled a list of the most-used words in metal rock, and it turns out some of them are a little unexpected.

As Team Rock reports, a data-science nerd by the name of Degenerate State did some very scientific digging and determined that "burn" was the most used in metal rock in the English language.

However, it was shortly followed by "cries" in second place.  

But, how did he reach this conclusion, you ask?

By looking through lyrics website, Dark Lyrics, which features a database of 222,623 songs from 7364 rock and metal bands then cross-referencing his findings with the Brown Corpus – a collection of documents published in 1961, which covers a range of different musical genres. 

No big deal, then...

Other words featuring in the Top 20 included "veins", "eternity", "scream" and "demon".

That's more like it! 

Apparently the least "metal" word he stumbled across was "particularly". We can't imagine why...

See the top Metal words below:

  1. Burn
  2. Cries
  3. Veins
  4. Eternity
  5. Breathe
  6. Beast
  7. Gonna
  8. Demons
  9. Ashes
  10. Soul
  11. Sorrow
  12. Sword
  13. Goodbye
  14. Dreams
  15. Gods
  16. Pray
  17. Reign
  18. Tear
  19. Flames
  20. Scream