MGMT: No Cats Were Harmed In The Making Of This Record

19 September 2013, 09:00 | Updated: 20 September 2013, 12:21


MGMT have reassured Radio X that no cats were harmed during the making of their self-titled third album, which was released this week.

The band caught the Internet's attention back in January when they posted a picture online of a kitten that they claimed had just heard the new record.

It didn't look best pleased.

In an interview with Radio X's John Kennedy - which will be aired along with tracks from MGMT on tonight's X-Posure - Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser admitted the record was a return to their earlier sound and has a bit of a feline theme.

"I think the musical focus shifted more to abstract sounds," Ben explained. "Not knowing that a sound came from a particular instrument or that you'd associate the sound with certain memories or whatever.

"A lot of it you wouldn't know where the sound was coming from or how it was made or anything like that. It was more trying to get abstract feeling."

MGMT formed while the pair were in their first year at Wesleyan University in Connecticut and Andrew reckons their way of working on the new album is a return to the style of their college days.

"We would come up with sounds and go, Oh, that sounds like a screaming dinosaur, or something and we'd be laughing and giggling," he said.

"This time we had a lot of moments where we were like Oh, that sounds like a dying cat and now there's a dying cat on the album and I don't think most people are going to know how that noise was made."

However they have reassured Radio X that it wasn't actually a dying cat, just a sound effect, but admitted it does appear on "about half" of the tracks on the album.

"If you really want the deepest dying cat track, I'd really play An Orphan of Fortune - it has a dying cat solo," Andrew recommended.