Manchester Named Most Exciting And Liveable Big City In The UK

15 August 2017, 16:45 | Updated: 15 August 2017, 18:26

The city has been featured in The Sunday Times Best Places to Live in the UK 2017.

If you're from Manchester, then prepare to feel very very smug, as the city has made it onto The Sunday Times Best Places to Live in the UK 2017 survey.

Morrissey may have said "this town will drag you down," but he may need to change his tact, because reports that the posh paper has named four places in Greater Manchester amongst the best areas to live in Britain.

The survey, which is broken up into regions, sees Greater Manchester name-checked four times in the north west category, with Ancoats, Chorlton, Ramsbottom and Saddleworth all getting a mention.

Meanwhile, perhaps less surprisingly, two places get a mention in Cheshire Lymn and the overall regional winner, Knutsford.

According to the outlet, other places described as "hot" which don't make the list include Chapel Street, which is considered "now fancy enough for the football aristocracy," Stockport, which has been put on the map by the "stylishly refurbished" Savoy Cinema and Levenshulme, which they've deemed "the first in line to take over from Chorlton when it loses its shine".

And apparently The Sunday Times adds that "even Salford is glamorous now". 

Meanwhile, a new fund has been launched to create a "permanent memorial" to the victims of the Manchester Arena terror attack, which saw 22 killed and many more injured.

The fund is separate to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, which recently announced that the familues of each victim will receive £250,000 each after raising a whopping £18 m. 

Watch Liam Gallagher sing Live Forever at the One Love Manchester Benefit Concert:

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