This Little Girl Makes Us Want To Be Nicer To Our Bin Men...

23 April 2016, 06:00 | Updated: 25 April 2016, 13:20

Girl gives binman muffin

This story will make make you think twice about your weekly bin collection.

Let's face it. Bin men get a pretty bad rap. Not only do they have to do deal with our smelly rubbish, but they also get scowled at by anyone who hates to be woken up early.

But this little girl was so obsessed by her favourite "trashman," she wanted to show him her appreciation. 

Imgur user Breakboyhex explains: "Every Thursday my daughter gets so excited to stand out on the sidewalk and wave to her favourite trashman! Last week she decided she wanted to bring him a homemade muffin. To our surprise, it just so happened that the Thursday we picked was his birthday! He said it was the only gift he received. The smile on both of their faces were priceless."

See the pics below:

Something to cheer you up

If that doesn't put you to shame, then this little guy, crying when he finally got to meet his heroes will:

Picture: Imgur/BreakboyHex