WATCH: The Libertines release film covering their first decade

27 November 2014, 17:38 | Updated: 27 November 2014, 17:39

Award-winning rock photographer Roger Sargent made the film to play before their Hyde Park show this summer.

The Libertines have released a short film by acclaimed music photographer Roger Sargent that documents their time together from 2001 to 2010.

Up to now, only fans who attended Hyde Park this summer got a chance to see The Libertines:Visual History, but the 14-minute video can be watched in full right here.

Despite rumours earlier this week, there's no footage from 2014 in the film.

It features legendary photos of The Libertines, as well as extracts from the full-length documentary There Are No Innocent Bystanders that Sargent made about the band.

Laying interview quotes over music and the band's earliest recordings, it includes Pete Doherty saying: "I know Carl cares deeply, really, about what we achieved."

Over the weekend, Pete Doherty confirmed he was now properly clean for the first time in almost a decade, ahead of The Libertines starting work on a new album in 2015.

Sargent said: “I made this short film to be shown before the Hyde Park show and wanted it to convey how important the band are, how much we missed them and how good it was too have them back.”