Kate Nash Calls Out Record Store For "Sexist" Labelling, And People Are On Board...

1 September 2016, 12:00

Kate Nash Record Store Sexist Categories

The Foundations singer wasn't happy with the likes of Florence + The Machine being categorised under "females of all description".

Kate Nash has hit out at a record store for its "sexist" music labelling policy, which categorised records under "females of all description". 

In a Twitter post, the Foundations star shared a picture of the vinyl collection, along with the caption: "This kinda shit drives me insane. The genre 'females of all description' is not a music genre. It's sexist".

The star added: "There would never be a "males of all description" section. Because the rest of the shop and all other music genres are considered male."

See her series of tweets below: 


Most people agreed with the 29-year-old singer-songwriter, praising her for speaking out against sexism in the music industry. 

However, some disagreed with her, suggesting it was an "in-house" joke and not to be taken seriously. Nash and her supporters, however, rightly stood their ground on the topic. 

One Twitter user's focus was firmly on the rather hastily-grouped Reggae, Tamla (Motown) and Rap genres, which can also be seen the singer's original image. 

Perhaps it's time for a re-shuffle?

Photo: Twitter/Kate Nash