Kanye West Tweeted About Ikea, But John Prescott's Response Was Totally "Inspired"

10 March 2016, 16:19 | Updated: 25 April 2016, 15:03

John Prescott Kanye West splitscreen

The British politician joked about the rapper's visit to the self-assembly furniture store.

Kanye West visited Ikea this week, leading fans to ponder whether he'd be collaborating with the Swedish furniture brand.

But after gushing about how "inspired" he was to meet with "such an amazing company," he left most normal people rolling their eyes at how novel he found the place we've been buying our coffee tables for years.

Well, Deputy Prime Minster John Prescott at least seemed to see the funny side and responded to Kanye in the best way ever.

Nicely done.

It's not the first time the politician's replied to the Life Of Pablo rapper either, making light of the fact he claimed to be $53m in debt.

Don't you just wish Twitter was around when Prescott was in government?