Johnny Borrell: Borrell 1 Was My Best Writing In A Decade

13 November 2013, 11:01 | Updated: 15 November 2013, 13:33

Johnny Borell 2012

Johnny Borrell's spoken for the first time about the poor sales of his debut solo album Borrell 1 earlier this year.

The former Razolight frontman sold just 594 copies in its first week of release and failed to make the Top 100.

Track titles included Pan-European Supermodel Song (Oh Gina!) and Dahlia Allegro.

I honestly think it's a good record, with my best writing on it for ten years, and there you go," he told Drowned in Sound.

He went on to say that it was only recently that the poor record sales came to his attention - but he doesn't "give a fuck".

"It is being heard and appreciated by as many people as possible! It is! If that's 500 people, that's 500 people," he told Drowned in Sound's Derek Robertson.

"If those are the 500 people that are open enough at this point in time to hear this record, fucking fantastic man. I could be playing to one person, right? You asking me that question - it just shows the mentality that is so bizarre. I am not doing this for anything other than making music because I am a musician! Right? I just don't get it. I've made a record with these musicians, and I love playing with these musicians; it's an incredible family, it's an incredible musical experience, it's unlike every other band that's out there."

He went on to say he'd rather play to 80 people who are "switched on enough, and unprejudiced enough, to get what's going on with this band right now" than 80,000 people.

He'd played to 80 fans in Paris the previous night.