"Rock & Roll Hall Of F***tardia": Ex-Pearl Jam Drummer Slams Hall Of Fame Snub

21 December 2016, 12:52 | Updated: 21 December 2016, 12:59

Pearl Jam

Dave Abbruzzese has hit out at the foundation for failing to include him in Pearl Jam's induction.

Former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese has hit out at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for failing to include him in the band's induction.

Yesterday (20 December), it was announced that the Alive rockers would be inducted to the Hall Of Fame in 2017, alongside ELO, Tupac and Journey.

However, Dave Abbruzzese - who played with Pearl Jam from 1991-1994 - took to social media to share his thoughts about not being recognised. 

As NME reports, taking to Facebook,he wrote: “So… Rock & Roll Hall of Fucktardia. Ergh [...]" 

“It makes absolutely zero sense to me…I’m just gonna shove this statement up someone’s arse:

“’As the original ballot is created, the members of each eligible band are determined by largely who was present and active during the most influential recording years’.”

He continued: “I’m not sure how 275+ live shows and 38% of record sales doesn’t fit their criteria…I may write more about this as time travels on… As for now, I look forward to sharing my first solo album with you all. Thank you for sharing your opinions & for your love & support.”

Pearl Jam fans seem to largely agree with him, with one launching a Change.org petition to include the musician.

The campaign page, launched by Australian fan Dan Gialdini reads: "90's Grunge icon, Pearl Jam, have recently been included in the "Class of 2017 Inductees" Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. However, the "powers that be" do not see fit to include their undoubtedly, most "explosive" drummer, David Abbruzzese!"

It continues: "The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have stated that "the members of each eligible band (being inducted) are determined by largely who was present and active during the most influential recording years".  One former member of PJ, Dave Krusen has been included with the bands induction, however, Krusen only recorded the first Album "Ten". Dave Abbruzzese replaced and subsequently toured with Pearl Jam following the release of the album, which included the iconic "Unplugged" set in 1992.  Although Krusen was 'active', he was not largely present during the 'influential recording years'.  Dave Abbruzzese, was both."