There's Now A Way To Get A Decent Sleep At Your Desk...

7 April 2016, 11:08 | Updated: 25 April 2016, 13:25

Schnap The sleep desk hammock

A design student has made our napping dreams a reality with the schnap.

If you spend more time chained to your desk than at home in bed, this could be the invention for you...

The Schnap - created by design student Aqil Anindhityo Raharjo - came about when he was pulling all-nighters at university to work towards a project.

The Canadian student explains in a post on Instagram: "As a design student, I've noticed a lot of my friends often stay overnight at school to finish the stuffs they've been working on, however they couldn't get to sleep properly because there's no comfortable medium to sleep on."

He added: "Instead, they are most likely sleep while sitting, and this is not good for the muscles & their own health."

"So, I came up with....Schnap! The brand itself is actually a short madeup word from school-nap. Get it?!"

With a catchy name and an even catchier tagline, the Schnap will allow you to "nap in a snap" by harnessing a hammock-style bed to the underside of your desk, taking you from stressful deadline to 40 winks in minutes.


The piece.

A photo posted by Aqil Anindhityo Raharjo (@qlrt) onMar 17, 2016 at 7:54am PDT

We need this in our lives. Now.

Picture: Facebook/Schapp/Aqil Anindhityo Raharjo