St Patrick’s Day: Virtual celebrations shared amid cancelled parades and social distancing

17 March 2020, 14:40 | Updated: 17 March 2020, 14:45

Twitter users share virtual celebrations on St. Patrick's Day
Twitter users share virtual celebrations on St. Patrick's Day. Picture: Getty Creative

Twitter users have taken to the platform to share their alternative celebrations amid the social distancing and isolation in Ireland.

Twitter users have shared their St. Patrick's Day Celebrations amidst social distancing measures and cancelled events.

St. Patrick's Day parades have been cancelled in major cities, with the public events and gatherings banned across the Republic of Ireland.

However, communities haven't let that dampen their spirits, with people sharing their private celebrations across social media.

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See some of the best below.

The hashtag #virtualparade trended as Irish families shared their mini St Patrick's Day parades.

Some neighbours even took to singing in the streets to join in on "the tiniest socially distant" parade.

An Alabama retirement home was given some extra cheer as an elderly inhabitant sang Danny Boy from his balcony as his daughter accompanied on the violin below.

The Embassy of Ireland used it as opportunity to thank workers from healthcare and emergency services.

The creators of Shuan the Sheep sent "a little joy" to their fans with some Irish dancing.

A scientist shared a well known Irish meme... with a few alterations:

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