Corey Taylor Showed A Fan What Happens When You're On Your Phone At A Slipknot Gig...

11 July 2016, 13:11

Slipknot CoreyTaylor Knocks Phone Fan's Hand

Watch the clip, which sees the Wait And Bleed frontman react to a fan using his phone in the front row.

Slipknot's Corey Taylor was captured swatting a phone out of a fan's hand at a recent gig.

In a 13-second video posted by on the band's official Facebook page, the masked frontman can be seen walking up to a fan with his head buried in his phone, and smacking it right out of his hand.

Watch the clip below:

Since another fan was filming right next to him, we're guessing it was probably texting that the Wait In Bleed singer didn't take kindly to.

Although the gig-goer seemed to take it all in his stride, the frontman's actions seem to have to have divided other Slipknot fans, with some calling it a "dick move," while others thought he was lucky he didn't get anything worse.

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Picture: Facebook/Slipknot