The Chemical Brothers Predicted The Pepsi Ad in 1999...

6 April 2017, 12:09 | Updated: 6 April 2017, 18:06

Rosario Dawson in Chemical Brothers Out Of Control

Rosario Dawson - who starred in the duo's Out Of Control video - called the advert "eerily reminiscent" of her cameo.

Pepsi's controversial advert came under fire yesterday for its "tone-deaf" political theme, but thanks to Rosario Dawson, it may stand accused of plagiarism too.

The Chemical Brothers' Out Of Control video from 1999 - which stars the Sin City actress - sees her pacify a riot police officer with a bottled soft drink much like Kendall Jenner does in the Pepsi Ad.

Watch the video here:


After facing a huge backlash online, Pepsi has since apologised for their video and pulled "any further roll-out" of the advert. See their full statement here:

Watch the original Pepsi advert here: