Bolton Wanderers' Response To A Homophobic Football Fan Is Quality

10 March 2017, 12:34 | Updated: 10 March 2017, 12:38

 Bolton Wanderers Flag and Rainbow Flag

The football club were thrown into the mix by a fan who criticised Man Utd's partnership with Stonewall.

Bolton Wanderers have posted the perfect response to a homophobic football fan on Twitter.

The club found themselves at the centre of a dispute, when they were name dropped by someone criticising Man United's partnership with LGBT equality organisation, Stonewall.

When the disgruntled fan in question said he'd "rather support a Bolton Wanderers than a club that endorses immorality," Bolton came back with a classic response. 

See it here:

Top marks Bolton. 

Their banter and support for the LGBT community wasn't lost on Twitter either, with people rushing to support them.

Well played guys.