Wolf Alice - Moaning Lisa Smile

8 April 2014, 16:36 | Updated: 9 October 2014, 18:20

Not only is this song so hot you need sun lotion to listen to it, it’s also about Lisa Simpson! Does it get much better than that?

Wolf Alice are a four piece rock band from North London featuring Ellie Rowsell, Joe Ayme, Josh Oddie and Theo Ellis. They released their debut single Fluffy in February 2014.

The most recent EP, Creature Songs, includes Moaning Lisa Smile, Storms, Heavenly Creatures and We’re Not The Same. The EP was released in May 2014 under Dirty Hit Records.

Wolf Alice are set to play the iTunes festival on 26 September in London and Club Academy in Manchester on 22 October and Heaven in London on 23 October.