Ash frontman goes solo: listen to Tim Wheeler - Vigil

15 October 2014, 17:48

Having been the frontman with Ash since the band's inception at the beginning of the 90s and recorded with Emmy The Great, Tim Wheeler is finally set to release his first solo album, released on 3 November.

Titled  Lost Domain, the album is an incredibly personal work, dealing as it does with the death of Wheeler's father and his battle with dementia.

The album concerns Tim's "battles to come to terms with his loss, charting his father's rapid decline into illness, his death and the tumultuous effect that it had on his life."

Despite all this, the songwriter reassures us that the album has a positive feel.

Tim is supporting the Alzheimer's Society's Dementia Friends programme. Find out more about the campaign here. 


Tim Wheeler - Lost Domain track list:
1. Snow In Nara
2. End Of An Era
3. Do You Ever Think Of Me?
4. Hospital
5. Medicine
6. Vigil
7. First Sign Of Spring
8. Vapour
9. Hold
10. Lost Domain
11. Monsoon