Prides - The Seeds You Sow

11 April 2014, 06:00

Synthpop trio, Prides, released The Seeds You Sow EP on 31 March.

Glasgow based band of three, Prides, formed in 2013 and is made up of Stewart Brock (sings and plays keyboards), Callum Wiseman (lead guitarist, plays keys and sings) and Lewis Gardiner (plays drums and is the bands producer).    
Stewart says, "The Seeds you Sow is about realising that the things that happen around you are a result of your own actions. It's about realising that the one you're with isn't the one, and the consequences that go with it. We wanted to make sure that it was loud, brave, and would grab people as soon as they heard it. The vocal hook is all about letting go, losing yourself, shouting as loud as you can, caution to the wind."