Paper Tiger - Make It Through

19 June 2014, 12:58 | Updated: 31 August 2014, 21:26

Dave says: "You might think this is a surprising choice for me, it's a dance track and if it gets in your head it'll be there for months."

Molly Kummerle from Ashville, North Carolina, USA, otherwise known as Paper Tiger is a singer-songwriter signed to Boy Girl Recordings who puts herself in the downtempo trip hop genre.
Make It Through is featured on the Laptop Suntan album and the upcoming remix version of the album Sultan Ant Pop: Laptop Suntan Remixed.
Laptop Suntan Track Listing:
1. Gundam Bling
2. The Sting
3. You’re Here, I’m There
4. Air
5. Treasure
6. Town
7. Irresistible
8. Crossover
9. David Starkey
10. Got Your Number
11. Expensive Samurai
12. Drift
13. Silfra
14. Make It Through
15. …We Made It
The remix album features remixed version of most of the tracks from the original along with new songs Insert Coins, White’s Dream, Resistance, Uh-Huh, Wrong Number, Expensive Samurai and Thumbs of Death.