ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Carl Barat And The Jackals - Let It Reign

Carl Barat and the Jackals

With his new outfit The Jackals, Carl Barat returns with more punk-infused indie for 2015.

Hosting a Libertines reunion (and shooting off to Thailand to record a new album) wasn't enough for Carl Barat. His latest project, Carl Barat And The Jackals, is what he's concentrating on now. Like his previous side projects and solo records, his new venture with The Jackals is as much of a guitar feast as you could wish for.

Half recorded in LA and half in London, Let It Reign is one of Barat's finest moments. Speaking Radio X about the record, Carl revealed that it was largely written on a guitar that Pete Doherty bought for him. "I've got a new guitar that I've only been using with The Jackals, Pete bought me it when we did the first reunion in 2010…we did a press conference at The Boogaloo in North London but there's a shop called Wild Guitars up there and we said we'd buy each other a guitar."

"He bought me that, and then he chose one that wasn't more expensive. He bought an old Spanish guitar that looked pretty but was a bit knackered. I think he regretted that choice down the line."

If the new Libertines album is half as good as Let It Reign, it'll be well worth our attention.

Carl and co are currently touring around Europe before heading off to the States. But fear not, you haven't missed your chance to catch a glimpse of The Jackals. Carl will be playing with them at The Scala in London on 15 April.


Carl Barat And The Jackals - Let It Reign tracklisting:

Glory Days
Victory Gin
Summer In The Trenches
A Storm Is Coming
Beginning To See
March Of The Idle
We Want More
War Of The oses
The Gears
Let It Rain
The King Is Me


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Carl Barat And The Jackals - Glory Days


Carl Barat And The Jackals - A Storm Is Coming (NSFW)

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