This Is What Blink 182 Sound Like Without Tom DeLonge On New Bored To Death Single...

28 April 2016, 11:27 | Updated: 28 April 2016, 11:30

Blink 182 Lyric Video Still

Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba features in the band's new line-up.

Blink 182 have released the audio to their new single Bored To Death.

The track is their first release with Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba replacing former singer Tom DeLonge, and marks their first new material in five years.

Listen to it below:

Bored To Death comes from the trio's forthcoming California album, which will be released on 1 July.

Blink drummer Travis Barker has previously revealed why the band couldn't continue with frontman Tom DeLonge, because he wanted to make them sound like Coldplay or U2.

Speaking in an interview with YouTube's Mr. Wavvy, he said: "Mark (Oppus) and I never wanted to change. The last couple of albums, Tom wanted to sound like U2, to record songs that basically sound like Coldplay. For us, we were always like 'Blink is Blink, man. We want to sound like fucking Blink-182'… 

"That's what side-projects are for. I love Blink for what it is. We love Blink and we love the sound of Blink."

Barker talked about the harrowing plane crash, which left him fighting for his life and with lifelong scars, and revealed former frontman DeLonge was less than sympathetic.

Talking about the horrific pictures he had taken of his condition soon after his accident, he told Popbuzz: "I got those pictures because Tom [DeLonge], especially, was pressuring me to fly again. I tried to explain it to him, like ‘I can’t do it yet, I’m not ready’."

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