Great X-Pectations 2016: Billie Marten

Billie Marten 2015

16-year-old singer songwriter from Yorkshire with a delicate, bewitching voice.

LISTEN: Billie Marten - Bird


Billie is a singer-songwriter from Ripon, North Yorkshire, who’s been posting her songs online since the age of 12.

After a series of hugely-popular YouTube covers, she attracted attention from all quarters, following the release of her stunning debut EP, Ribbon, in June of 2014.

She was picked by fashion brand Burberry to front one of their acoustic sessions and fellow singer-songwriter Lucy Rose took Billie out on tour in October of 2015.

The As Long As EP was released in November and featured the excellent track Bird, which she describes as “a song about how words can truly affect people, not always for the right reasons”.

Billie plays the AMP Collected show at the ICA in London on 4 February.


Billie Marten Releases

Ribbon EP (June 2014)
Ribbon (single) (September 2014)
Heavy Weather (April 2015)
Out Of The Black (May 2015)
As Long As EP (November 2015)