How well do you know the lyrics to The Man Who Sold The World?

29 May 2021, 19:00

Kurt Cobain and David Bowie
Kurt Cobain and David Bowie. Picture: Frank Micelotta Archive/ Daily Mirror/Mirrorpix/Mirrorpix via Getty Images

David Bowie's mysterious song, much loved by Kurt Cobain, is now 50 years old - but do you know the words off by heart?

The Man Who Sold The World was the album that took David Bowie beyond the realms of a "one hit wonder" with Space Oddity. Its mix of folk mysticism and Zeppelin-style hard rock was released in American on 4 November 1970 and in Bowie's native Britain a few months later.

The eerie title song gained a whole new audeince when Kurt Cobain picked the song to cover for Nirvana's MTV Unplugged show in 1993, but how well do you know the mysterious lyrics? Can you fill in the blanks?

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