Are You Tone Deaf? Take This Test To Find Out...

4 November 2017, 18:22

Friends singing karaoke stock image

Prove your musical credentials once and for all with this audio test.

Let's face it, we can all be accused of being tone deaf after a night on the town and a spot of impromptu karaoke.

But finally, there's a test which can prove your abilities to hold (or hear) a tune, and silence your haters once and for all. 

Play the test here courtesy of

And - before you ask - we passed with flying colours with 35 out of 36 answers correct and 97% correct overall. 

Plus, we've got the certificate to prove it. 

I am not tone deaf!

Smashed it! 

We're not sure what it means for our karaoke skills after a few pints, but we're gonna take it anyway.

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