QUIZ: Do you know 100% of Biffy Clyro's Many of Horror lyrics?

18 January 2022, 10:28

Biffy Clyro's Ben Johnston, Simon Neil and Ben Johnston
Biffy Clyro's Ben Johnston, Simon Neil and Ben Johnston. Picture: Adam Gasson/Total Guitar Magazine/Future via Getty Images

We celebrate the Scottish trio by testing you on one of their most iconic singles.

This week marks the anniversary of Biffy Clyro's Many Of Horror single.

Simon Neil and co's fifth studio effort Only Revolutions was released on 9 November 2009 and went on to earn them a Mercury Prize nod in 2010.

From the album came their iconic single, Many of Horror, which was released on 18 January 2010. The mournful rock ballad is now over a decade old, but do you think you can guess all of its lyrics?

Test yourself on the lyrics to Many of Horror in our quiz below:

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QUIZ: Can you remember all these lyrics of Biffy Clyro?

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