WATCH: Tipsy Mum Faceplants Treadmill, Because Red Wine...

11 October 2016, 17:36 | Updated: 11 October 2016, 18:04

Mum faceplants treadmill drinking wine

This sozzled mum just showed everyone how not to use a running machine.

Comfortable trainers, a bottle of water and a decent playlist are just some of the things we'd associate with exercise. 

But when one tipsy mum decided to get on her treadmill, she thought she'd take a glass of red wine with her instead.

Watch her in action in the YouTube video posted by harvey moyle below: 

Oh dear. 

Despite telling the camera, "don't go on a running machine when pissed," she does just that, inevitably ending up flat on her face, and losing a precious large glass of red in the process!

Not to self: drink responsibly, exercise safely, and most importantly, don't waste your wine by throwing it up the wall. 

Photo: YouTube/harvey moyle