These Lot Made A Tutorial About Drilling A Hole Into Your iPhone 7, And People Bought It

27 September 2016, 17:40 | Updated: 27 September 2016, 17:43

iPhone 7 drill hack image still

Watch the ingenious hack that's sure to take your smartphone to a whole new level.

Since Apple launched the iPhone 7, the internet has been awash with people thinking of ways to overcome the lack of headphone jack. 

But these pranksters on YouTube have taken the joke one step further, filming a deadpan tutorial which teaches iPhone users how to restore their beloved aux ports by drilling a hole where it used to be.

Watch the video uploaded by TechRax below:

Pretty funny... until you scroll down the comments and realise some people might have actually taken their advice.

One user writes: "I drilled the hole in it. The headphone doesn't go all the way in. Do I need to drill deeper? Also my phone turned of because of low battery I think. I'm charging it for an hour now it doesn't turn on, is this normal?"

Another comments: "Help! Now my old headphones fit in but the phone doesn't work anymore!"

However, despite the pretty impressive comments, we decided there's no way anyone can be that dumb, so we're just guessing the trolls are being trolled right back. 

Plus Toxic Predator somewhat puts our minds at rest, who sarcastically writes: "I drilled a hole in my iPhone 7 and it worked! ALSO!!!!! if you throw your phone off into the grand canyon and the put a jack-hammer to it it gives you unlimited apps for free and unlimited memory! ALSO ANOTHER HACK!!!!!!!!!! if you throw it into a volcano it will print money!!!"

Photo: YouTube/TechRax