WATCH: So A Sports Pundit Drew A Penis On Live TV...

20 March 2017, 16:19 | Updated: 20 March 2017, 17:29

Sports Analyst Accidentally Draws Ejaculating Penis In Live TV Cock Up


The unfortunate illustration wasn't lost on his his co-presenters.

A Hungarian sports show went viral after one of its pundits appeared to unwittingly draw a penis while analysing a hockey play.

According to the Daily Mail, the sports presenter was commentating on an NHL game between the Winnipeg Jets and the Colarado Rockies, when he illustrated the game's tactics using a touch screen.

Watch him in action, courtesy of LoBzick, in our video above. 

It's not just the phallic object that had viewers tickled however, but the extremely detailed embellishment he adds at the end. 

The video has prompted plenty of debate, with some thinking it was part of a bet. 

Either way, the look on his co-presenters faces is absolutely priceless. 

Do you reckon it was planned all along? Let us know:


Sport and live TV seem to be a bit of a dangerous combo of late, with a footballer managing to score an own goal by thanking his wife and girlfriend in a post-match interview. 

And we're not much better this side of the pond, either. When ex-Man Utd man Phil Neville accidentally made a rude remark last week, he couldn't help but smirk about it.

Relive the moment again here: