Tinder Went Down Last Night, And People Properly Lost It

15 November 2016, 11:56 | Updated: 15 November 2016, 12:34

Man holding smartphone

See the funniest reactions to people losing all their matches on the dating app.

Last night saw Tinder go down and singletons' hopes and dreams go down with it, as an outage on the dating app saw scores of users lose their matches.

Naturally, #TinderDown started trending, and the event caused everything from panic and dismay to celebration and hysteria, as people took to Twitter to moan about the blip.

Cast your eye over some of the best #TinderDown responses here:

Liam Hackett was one of the first users to raise the alarm... for his friend, of course.

While others reflected the sheer panic online.

Some compared it to the Presidential election result, while others suggested the end was nigh. 

These lot were worried they may actually start have to date in real life (god forbid). 

Some really took a glass-half-full approach to the events, and thought they might die alone.

While others thought it actually might be a good thing to wipe the slate clean...

Some shared their emotions through the medium of American sitcoms (and drinking).

These guys thought they'd use the opportunity to show off their sense of humour:

However, Jessica Flynn made a very good point that everyone moaning about it on Twitter should just look each other up instead. 


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