This Infomercial Mash-Up Set To A Smiths Song Is Incredible

10 March 2017, 18:15

Infomercials fanvid - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want


Imagine the most awful, everyday inconveniences set to Morrissey and Marr’s most touching song…

If you’ve spent any significant time in your life zoned out in front of daytime TV, you’ll have come across the peculiar art of the infomercial.

You know the drill - we see a dramatisation of an everyday task quickly becoming a huge struggle, causing stress, frustration, anger and depression for an innocent person. It could be trying to park the car. I may be bending down to pick up a piece of paper. It could even be trying to squeeze the juice out of an orange.

Whatever this mundane job is, it soon results in mess, and huge personal inconvenience. But wait! The informercial is here to SELL you the solution to your woes, all you have to do is call, with your credit card details top hand.

American TV has turned this phenomenon into a fine art and some YouTube jokers have compiled the most ludicrous and over-dramatic moments into a real LOLfest compilation.

But what if you replaced the soundtrack with a song that sums up the world-weariness of the individuals involved?

What could that song be? Take a look at the video and feel better about your life.