Girl Gets Drunk & Messages Gatwick Airport, Because Drunk People Are Stupid

30 September 2016, 13:25 | Updated: 30 September 2016, 13:32

Airplane stock image

Find out what on earth she had to say to the west Sussex airport.

The worst thing about drinking (apart from the hangover), is that sinking feeling you get the next day when you realised you've drunk texted someone you shouldn't.

Unless of course you drunk dialled them. In which case all bets are off and you better start saving to get on that one-way ticket to Mars because you will NEVER live it down.

But when Twitter user, Annie, got a little worse for wear and decided to look over her messages the next day, she was in for a strange surprise. 

Rather than texting a person, she decided to reach out to Gatwick Airport instead. 

See a screen grab posted below, with the caption: "Most people drunk text their ex or someone they fancy.... Not me.... What the actual fuck was going through my drunken mind"

Maybe she's gone on a lot of short-haul flights recently?

Either way- it beats texting an ex, so we'd call it a pretty lucky escape. 

Don't be stupid. Drink responsibility.