Was Postman Pat A Secret Philanderer? Twitter Thinks So

4 January 2017, 15:02 | Updated: 4 January 2017, 17:38

Postman Pat

There are a lot of Pat lookalikes in Greendale, it would seem. Here’s some childhood-shattering proof.

You’ll no doubt recall the 1980s childrens’ programme Postman Pat, in which the titular character provided a mail service to the inhabitants of the village of Greendale, together with his black and white cat Jess.

The animated series for pre-schoolers debuted on the BBC in 1981 and was revived in the 00s, breeding a whole generation of new fans.

Well, mail wasn’t the only “service” Pat was providing, according to a scurrilous rumour doing the rounds on Twitter.

User Dinneen Dictionary tweeted the following “evidence”, claiming that Patrick “Pat” Clifton was the only redheaded male in the village… but that the local school was full of russet-haired kids. Hmmm.

He then went on to post a picture of Greendale’s schoolteacher Jeff Pringle, together with his son Charlie.

Jeff is, as you can see, blonde. Charlie is red haired.

Compelling evidence. Or nonsense, if you want to be level headed about the whole thing.

Unless there’s some way of DNA testing fuzzy felt and plastic, we doubt this will ever be settled and shudder to think what Pat’s wife Sara would make of this small town scandal.

We can only be thankful that Ken Barrie, who voiced some of the characters and sang the memorable theme tune isn’t around to see this lunacy - he died last July, aged 83.

Oh, Pat.