WATCH: Is Paul McCartney The Most Embarrassing Dad Ever?

18 June 2018, 16:08

Gawp in amazement as James McCartney is confronted by a clip of his father while forging his own career…

Have you ever been embarrassed by your dad? Probably.

Has your dad ever tried to be cool in front of your friends? Happens a lot.

But has your dad ever shown you up in front of millions of people? Er…

Let’s take a look back to the toe-curling cringey moment when James McCartney appeared on ITV’s Lorraine programme to plug his debut single Angel.

Who should pop up to provide love and support at this key moment? It’s James’s dad of course! And the video is AMAZING. Aw dad, you’re showing me up in front of all my friends!

We shouldn’t be horrible - it’s a lovely thing to have encouragement from the old parents, but sometimes you just gotta stand on your own two feet… but at least young James puts a brave face on it.

And James isn't the only person we know with a famous dad... How about our very own Toby Tarrant?