Was The "Baby Invasion" The Best TV Moment Of 2017?

31 December 2017, 07:00

Children interrupt BBC News interview - BBC News


Professor Robert Kelly was giving a live interview on TV when his kids decided to join in...

A guest on BBC News unwittingly created the best TV moment of the year when his kids ambushed his live interview.

As The Sun reports, Professor Robert Kelly was giving expert advice on the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye, when his daughter Marion snuck into the room, doing a lively dance.

Moments later, her brother James also made an appearance... in his baby walker.

Absolutely classic. 

If we're honest, we're not sure what's more impressive; the kids' ability to sneak into his study completely undetected, or the mum's slide tackle into the room.

Interviewed by BBC Worldwide about all the fame his family received, Kelly said: "We never expected any kind of attention like this at all. We've certainly not had anything in our lives like this before."

The professor also explained: "It was foolishly all my fault for not locking the door."

Asked if they were stung after his wife,  Jung-a Kim was mistaken by some for his nanny, Kelly revealed: "We were pretty uncomfortable with it."

Wife Kim added: "I hope people just enjoy it, not argue over this. Because I’m not the nanny, that’s not true, so I hope they stop..."

Photo: BBC Worldwide