WATCH: Kings Of Leon Reveal How Their Partying Game Has Changed

26 February 2017, 08:00

Kings Of Leon Caleb And Nathan Followill

Caleb and Nathan Followill told Radio X's Gordon Smart the unique reason why they rush back to hotel bars.

Kings Of Leon have revealed to Radio X how their partying style has changed, even if they do still have the odd drinking competition.

When asked by Gordon Smart if they still go out to clubs, frontman Caleb Followill replied: "No no, it usually starts with a nice dinner and then we’ll end up back at the hotel and slowly the adults will start leaving and then we have fun. And have chugging competitions".

Watch our clip below: 

However it was his brother and drummer Nathan who divulged what the band really enjoy getting up to in their spare time, revealing: "You know your life has changed as a band when after dinner you can’t wait to get back to the hotel bar.

He added: "In the old days would have been because you want to get slobberknockin'

"But now its because you can build your own Sundae, so any type of ice cream, any type of toppings and you fill out a score card and see who can make the most delectable Sundae..."

Rock 'n' Roll guys. Rock 'n' Roll. 

The Waste A Moment rocker also revealed how he explains Sex On Fire to his four-year-old daughter Violet, saying: ""It's Socks on Fire. Uncle Caleb's socks caught on fire one night when I was drying them out on the heater."