Did You Know There’s A LOST Monster Munch Flavour?

11 February 2017, 08:00 | Updated: 23 February 2017, 19:04

Monster Munch crisps screenshot

We kid you not. This is a discovery that’s going to shake your world to the very foundations.

Time was, you knew where you bloody were with Monster Munch. 

But since there’s been a heated debate about whether the shapes of the snack represent feet, claws or whole monsters, crisp fanatics across the world have started to doubt their own sanity.

But the flavours have been pretty solid for years, right? Roast Beef (championed by the Pink Monster with a big tongue), Pickled Onion (One-Eyed Yellow Monster) and Flamin’ Hot (Blue Monster with a top hat).

Well… no. Get ready to throw away the history books, an idle Google of the history of Monster Munch has thrown up a “LOST” flavour… “Saucy”.

Yeah, “Saucy”.

Watch this TV ad from 1978 - it’s up there with the conspiracy theory videos about the faking of the moon landings in terms of how this has troubled us.

And, like some lost memory, there’s also the appearance of the “Fourth Monster”, the orange one with red hair, who presumably went solo in the early 80s, never to be seen again.

What the hell has happened to our childhood?

Monster Munch - Three Monsters (1978, UK)

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