Danny Dyer Talking About Parenting Is The Best Thing Ever

14 February 2017, 11:55

Danny Dyer talks parenthood in Channel 4's Parenti

Watch as the EastEnders actor features in new Channel 4 show Parenting For Idiots.

Danny Dyer has a very particular way with words, and is known for looking at the world through a lovable east-end lens.

And after seeing him discover he's related to royalty, it turns out he can turn his hand to pretty much any topic

Now, to add to our entertainment, the cockney geezer has featured on a new parenting show, where he talks about being a father in the only way he knows how.

Find out what absolutely does his nut in about being a Dad below: 


The best line by far comes in the shape of: "I couldn't wait to have a boy, because as much as, y'know,  I love my girls with all my heart, I was sick of trying to put a bikini on a Barbie.

"Honestly, it's graft mate."

And DO NOT get him started on homework or magnets. 

Photo: Facebook/Channel 4