This Story Of A Man Losing His Wallet At Reading Is Epic...

31 December 2017, 10:34

Reading Festival stage and wallet stock image

Turns out the guys who found it hold a drinking sesh in its honour every year.

If you've ever been to a festival, you'll know you're likely lose a few things such as your keys, phone and mind to mention just a few... 

But when Tim Burrows lost his wallet at Reading Fesrival 2003, he had no idea it would go on to have such a long-lasting legacy.

As reports, the Vice and Guardian journalist was contacted by a man who found his wallet 14 years ago, and admitted to taking a tenner out of it before handing it in to lost property.

See the messaged, tweeted by Burrows below: 

The screengrabs of their conversation sees the (sort of) Good Samaritan reveal: "Haha I think my friends found it in a ditch near orange and yellow camp in 2003 if indeed it was yours, it was handed into the lost and found, but not before one of them "burrowed" a 10er out of it and bought as much white lightning as he could find... 

"Of course looking back on it, that was very childish and illegal but I always thought it would be nice to reach out and let you know that it went down as an annual tradition of cider drinking competitions named "The Timothy Burrows Challenge". 

"Sorry to inform you so many years later, would happily restore karma by offering to pay the £10 back to its rightful owner... I fear now the number of Timothy Burrows I have messaged in my attempt to do this."

Just beautiful.