What to pack for Glastonbury 2019 - and what NOT to bring

19 June 2019, 17:21

Here's what to and what NOT to pack for Glastonbury 2019
Here's what to and what NOT to pack for Glastonbury 2019. Picture: Glastonbury

In a bid to reduce the amount of waste left over after the festival, Glastonbury have introduced a plastic-free initiative and ask visitors to bring the essentials only. Here's what you can and can't take into the site.

For those lucky enough to have bagged themselves tickets for Glastonbury this year, we've compiled a helpful packing guide - and have itemised the things you shouldn't bring.

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What to pack for Glastonbury

1) A portable phone charger

While there's more to life than your mobile, you will inevitably need some charge to track down your mates.

So, to avoid the hefty fees at charging points and standing around for over an hour to get a full bar, bring along a portable charger.

2) Toilet roll and wet wipes

After ages queueing for a wee, it's finally your turn. You enter a stinking portaloo, only to find there's no toilet roll left in the holder. You then, desperately, rummage through your pockets for a pocket tissue, but things look bleak. As a last resort, you shimmy and shake, leaving the loo feeling uncomfortable and even dirtier than when you entered.

3) Sun cream

On the off chance the weather gets nice, it's advisable you carry some suncream with you - of SPF 30 or higher.

4) A thermal blanket

There's nothing worse than being rained on alllllll day, then having no sleep because the temperature turns Baltic.

To avoid getting chilly in the evenings, take a thick thermal blanket to help retain heat.

5) Roll mat

Equally, the ground will be cold - even if it doesn't rain. A roll mat just acts as an extra barrier between you and the sodden earth and means you're less likely to get a chill at night.

6) Wellies

Regardless of whether the sun's shining or there's a massive downpour, wellies are a festival must.

7) Torch

Take a torch for those late-night trips to the loo!

8) Earplugs

It's always a hard job trying to get some shut eye at festivals, but having earplugs in helps block out *some* of the noise going on around your tent.

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On the Thursday (June 27) of this year’s #Glastonbury, there will be an #ExtinctionProcession, giving you the chance to stand up and demand changes to the way we live as a society, so that we can avoid a climate catastrophe.⁣ ⁣The event - which we have organised alongside the Green Fields, @greenpeaceuk and @extinctionrebellion - will begin at 4pm at the Park Stage, where guest speakers will make a stand for our planet and the precious habitats that it hosts.⁣ ⁣The procession will then make its way to the Sacred Space (aka the Stone Circle) in the King's Meadow within the Green Fields, where we plan to create the largest ever human sculpture of an hourglass – symbolising extinction – at 5.30pm.

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What NOT to take to Glastonbury

1) Gazebos

Basically...don't be that person.

2) Glass items

If you're caught trying to take glass into the festival, it will be taken off your person.

3) Non-biodegradable body glitter

As part of their new green initiative, Glastonbury organisers have asked that guests refrain from using non-biodegradable body glitter at the event.

4) Pets

While it might seem like an obvious one, pets and animals are not permitted to enter the festival site - so no sneaking your pooch in your handbag!

5) Fireworks and sky lanterns

Anyone who brings fireworks with them to Glastonbury will be evicted from the premises and will be refused entry thereafter.

6) Sound systems and drums

I mean...you are there to watch live music, so leave your boombox at home.

7) Generators

The festival offers charging points to guests, but you cannot bring your own generator.

8) Drones

While drones have become increasingly popular in recent years - and you can get some decent aerial photos with them, they are strictly banned from Glasto.

Check the full list of prohibited items here. Please also note that any confiscated items will NOT be returned.