When Wiley Did A U-Turn On Glastonbury...

17 October 2018, 17:46 | Updated: 17 October 2018, 19:37


Remembering when the godfather of grime called the Somerset festival's organisers "tight bastards" back in 2013 and then changed his mind four years later.

Wiley has gone viral once again for being very outspoken on social media. 

This week his gripe seems to be with grime rivals Dizzee Rascal and Skepta, but when it comes to rants he doesn't just stick to one topic.

Watch a snippet of his rant which is very NSFW here:

ADULT CONTENT WARNING: This video contains explicit content, which may not be suitable for younger audiences:


Then again, the Heatwave rapper has also been known to change his mind every now and then.

Back in January 2017, the Wearing My Rolex star confirmed his appearance at Glastonbury and shared his change of heart about the festival as a whole.

Addressing his followers, the Wot Do You Call It? star announced: “Can’t wait for @GlastoFest. Gonna be sick”.

Then completely seeming to have a 180 on the Somerset event, the outspoken rapper admitted: "@GlastoFest is the champion of all festivals and it took me 37 years to realise.I wish I was at the early ones TBH would of been sick.”

After being questioned by fans about his change of heart, the rapper simply revealed he didn't realise the "real meaning of a festival" until recently.

See his string of tweets below:

When one fan even made a joke about his reference to the weather, Wiley seemed to be even more positive, writing: "If it rains it will be even better TBH.."

It wasn't always this way, though.

Back in 2013, the rapper slammed the festival for not paying him enough, calling them “tight bastards”. 

It seemed Wiley was annoyed by everything from the rain to the fact that he was even in the West Country at all, vowing to never play the festival or leave his "comfort zone" again.

He wrote: "Fuck it life goes on but I am pissed. Glastonbury ain't paying me enough to leave my comfort zone… Tight bastards."

The Too Many Man rapper added:"I'm gonna tell al the promoters how much Glastonbury get away with paying people and the other festivals will think wtf".

Then addressing the festival on Twitter, he begged: "Please cancel me I do not want to play for you ever again... please cancel me without sueing I would like that …I'm fed up of coming to your festival I wanna do my own one.

"Tell michael eavis I dont wanna play please maybe he has the power to throw me off the line up…"

What a difference a few years make! 

Maybe he'll change his mind about Skepta and Dizzee Rascal too?