This Is What Noel Gallagher Really Thinks Of The Glastonbury Line-up...

14 April 2016, 10:35

Noel Gallagher 2015

The Oasis man has given his verdict on the Somerset festival this year.

Noel Gallagher has given his opinion of the Glastonbury line-up, and it turns out it's not 100% positive. 

Talking to NME, he revealed: "The line-up isn't exactly great though. Not talking about the headliners, but the entire thing".

But, just like everyone that likes to have a good moan about Glasto, it turns out he'll be going anyway.

When asked if he was playing the Worthy Farm festival, the In Heat Of The Moment singer replied: “No. They're yet to ask or make a serious offer. But I am going." 

He added: "I think, ‘What am I going to see?’ ELO, they're good. I try to go every year with the missus. We didn't go last year so we're going this year and I have the time off.”

On a more positive note, the Manchester rocker gave some insight into progress of The Stone Roses' new material and teased they'd be showing off new songs at their gigs this summer. 

“I am very excited, for them mainly", Gallagher revealed. "They're going to play some new songs."

"I bumped into Ian in a supermarket recently. He was buying chocolate-flavoured shower gel. This is not a joke. He leant and said ‘Have you tried this?' and I said of course I hadn't. He swears by it, says it's amazing. 

"And before it turned into a photoshoot with everyone and their cameraphones, he was telling me how excited they are by it all. He said it was like they were making their first record again.”

Meanwhile, Michael Eavis has teased that Glastonbury could be set to re-locate for 2018

The festival founder told the Central Somerset Gazette

"I have never really considered retiring because I would miss the festival too much.

"That is why I don't really want to have a year without a festival. At my age I want to enjoy as many festivals as I possibly can.

See the acts announced for the Glastonbury line-up so far: