This Is How You Can Learn The Moves To The David Bowie Flashmob At Glasto 2016

7 June 2016, 09:22 | Updated: 7 June 2016, 11:25

David Bowie Flashmob still Glastonbury

The festival is inviting fans to do the dance moves whenever Bowie's Starman is played.

A David Bowie flashmob has been confirmed for Glastonbury 2016, and you can learn the dance moves.

The Somerset festival has given fans another way to remember the late icon, by spontaneously dancing whenever Bowie's 1972 track, Starman is played.

See their tweet and the video below: 

A statement on the official Glastonbury website adds: "This year’s Theatre & Circus flashmob dance is a tribute to the one and only David Bowie. We need you to watch the tutorial, learn the dance and then do it at Glastonbury 2016 whenever you hear Starman played!"

The festival will also pay homage to the Let's Dance star, by putting his iconic Aladdin Sane lightening bolt at the top of the Pyramid Stage.

Prince and Lemmy will also be remembered with a dance party at Bloc 9 and a secret surprise on the Other Stage respectively. 

Picture: YouTube/Glastonbury Festival Official