Guess Which Glasto 2016 Acts Had The Most Impressive Next-Day Sales?

28 June 2016, 13:53

Chvrches, Muse, Madness split image

The festival may be over, but it looks like music fans still want more.

With Glastonbury's status as one of the world's biggest and best festivals, it's no surprise a slot at at Worthy Farm guarantees the chance for bands to access a global stage. 

According to Amazon Music, who analysed CD and vinyl sales on after Glasto, these acts not only gained a whole new audience after their performances, but massively increased their sales in the process.

Muse, who kicked-off the festival with their headline slot on the Pyramid Stage last Friday (24 June), saw a 2056% increase in their next day sales, and a further 1114% increase in CD and vinyl sales. 

Adele, who played the Saturday headline slot on the main stage also saw a next day increase in CD & vinyl sales of 1009%.

However, the power of Glasto on Amazon Music sales wasn't just restricted to headliners this year.

Madness' Saturday daytime slot on the Pyramid Stage saw them experience a same day increase in sales of 2375 % while ELO - who played the Sunday Legends slot - saw a same day increase of 3567%.

Younger bands like Disclosure and Chvrches meanwhile saw an interest for their music increase on the site, gaining next day increases of 1433% and 1554% respectively.

According to the online shopping site, American musicians didn't do too badly either. 

Texas rockers, ZZ Top saw a next day increase of 2000%, while New York four-piece Mercury Rev experienced a next day increase of 6600%. 

Not bad for a couple of hours on stage, eh?