Remember The Trouble Punters Had Getting Out Of Glastonbury Last Year?

27 June 2016, 12:41 | Updated: 25 June 2017, 23:07

Glastonbury 2016 Sunday - People leaving early...

Festival-goers are sharing their experiences of leaving the site this morning.

Glastonbury Festival goers are sharing their struggles at leaving the site this morning (Monday 27 June).

As confirmed by Glastonbury's official Twitter account, cars and caravans had to be towed off site, leading to delays and long waits to get off site.

One Twitter user posted a a snap of the view from his car park this morning:

Another posted a video of her car being towed by a tractor...

While others revealed their car parks had come to a complete standstill.

No one put it better than Dan Milway, however, who witnessed the irony of an RAC truck which needed to be towed by another RAC tow truck.

On the bright side, being stuck on-site should be the worst they have to endure, with Glastonbury Police confirming the main roads are "flowing" with public transport also on schedule.

Glastonbury organisers gave their tips for those leaving the site this morning, urging festival goers to "leave no trace" and listen out for traffic reports.

Good luck for all those still making their way out of the festival.

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