Third Glastonbury headliner rumours: Emily Eavis confirms one band will play

24 April 2015, 11:17 | Updated: 24 April 2015, 12:10

Coldplay live

Adding fuel to the fire about the final act to headline this year's festival, Eavis Jr clarifies "supergroup" rumour...

The rumours have been flying about the identity of Glastonbury's third headliner this year and now it seems Michael Eavis has added to them.

After sketchy reports emerged that he had said a British band would play the Pyramid Stage, it now seems he's hinted two big bands might join forces for the event and that Chris Martin would be involved.

"It is going to be two British bands - most likely," Eavis reportedly told the Daily Express after a talk at the Victoria And Albert Museum. "They will be joining forces – that’s not been done really."

However, Emily Eavis clarified the situation when responding to a question on Twitter by saying: "We are announcing one band as headliner but a great penultimate too."

So what does this mean? Coldplay? Emily Eavis has already said the band are out of the running. Chris Martin fronting another band? That's a tantalising thought...

We'll have to wait until 1 June, when Eavis has confirmed he'll announce the third headliner.

So, who's in the running for the final Glastonbury headliner?

Glastonbury Pyramid Stage