How do you get Glastonbury 2020 tickets? Successful buyers share their methods

4 October 2019, 14:05 | Updated: 6 October 2019, 10:39

Fans watch Liam Gallagher at the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury 2019
Fans watch Liam Gallagher at the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury 2019. Picture: Ki Price/Getty Images

Radio X looks at the advice of those who managed to nab an elusive ticket to the Somerset Festival this week.

This Thursday (3 October) and Sunday (6 October) saw thousands of Glastonbury hopefuls attempt to get tickets for the Somerset festival's 50th anniversary next year.

While most of us were left staring at a screen for 30 minutes, some lucky sods managed to get through and bag themselves a space at the biggest music event of the year.

It wasn't easy having to see them all boast about it and share their "BOOKING COMPLETE" photos on Twitter. But there is one thing we can take from their bragging tweets online, and that's sweet sweet information.

We at Radio X have already tried to give you a helping hand by providing you with as many tips and tricks for getting to Worthy Farm as possible, but perhaps you'll take it straight out of the mouths of those who were successful this year?

Take a look at what some of the lucky ones had to say here and brush up in time for the resales in April.

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  1. Connecting to a VPN

    For those not in the know, VPN stands for a virtual private network. It's essentially used to extend a private network across a private one and usually requires a special link or passcode.

    We're not quite sure why this means you'll get a Glasto ticket any easier, but it allows people to access region-restricted websites and shield your browsing activity so it probably speeds things up a tad as you're not deemed as looking from the same place as everyone else.

  2. Using the internet on your phone

    This has come up a few times. While we can't quite imagine having to copy and paste all the registration details of 5 of your mates and your credit card into your smart phone, perhaps turning off your wifi and using the 4G on your phone as a hotspot will be better instead?

  3. Having different browsers open

    So it seems if you're gonna have more than one window open, try two different browsers, like Chrome or Safari.

    We're not sure about anyone having luck with Firefox though...

  4. Refreshing instead of waiting every 20 seconds at the holding page

    The refreshing vs waiting debate lives on!

    When asked their secret after bagging coach tickets, these music fans all admitted to refreshing like mad.

    However, there was some variation when it came to their tactics

    Adrian went for the ol' F5 and crossed his fingers.

    However, Steve Morgan goes into much more detail... telling you to refresh but making sure that the page either loads or fails each time.

    The Twitter user also adds that refreshing on the page too much can lock you out.

    How does he know this for sure you ask? No idea.

  5. Waiting on the 20 second holding page instead of refreshing

    Yes, you guessed it. Unfortunately, for every person that refreshed like mad once they got to the "this page will automatically refresh every 20 seconds" page, there's someone who says they waited patiently.

    Which way to go? You decide.

  6. Not refreshing AND just using a smartphone

    Well it's fair to say Steve was pretty bold on Thursday, and his braveness was rewarded.

    We don't envy him copying over all those details though.

  7. Having no clue at all...

    Cheers. Nice one Charlotte.


    Well, that's nice for him isn't it?

So there you have it.

Don't say we don't do anything for you...


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